Are you Leveraging Event Emails to Boost Engagement?

Brooke Battle
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Brooke Battle

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The transactional emails sent to guests through registration and online giving have great potential. Too often, they are drafted as a dead-end when it’s truly a beginning. 

An event guest will receive at least 3-4 emails prior to attending a nonprofit fundraising event. 

If they are invited by a friend (i.e. a table host), they  receive at least 3.  These are transactional emails - the ticket email, a purchase receipt, a host invitation, and a virtual reminder or check-in email.  The average open rate is 64%.   These emails are read and in several  cases (i.e. a ticket) saved.  

Let’s Start Customizing!! 

Rule #1  -  Keep the email simple.   In addition to the information required of the email,  consider adding ONE MORE connection so that your guest/donor journey can continue. 

Rule #2 - Do not let these details slow down your event site launch.   You do not need to convene a  committee.  

Ideas to include in your event emails

  • A special offer, concept or award  from event sponsors:  With a ticket email, it’s the perfect time to include an offer or sponsor accolade that can drive measurable engagement with a sponsor. An example of this would be a link through which ticketed guests could sign up for a reduced subscription service or something ‘free’.
  • Link to a learning opportunity:   Does your organization  create research?  Do you host educational workshops?    Invite your guests to continue their journey by sharing a link to research, podcasts, video and other learning opportunities created  by your organization. 

  • Take Action: If your organization participates in advocacy efforts, link to a landing page and invite your guests to take action (send a letter, sign petition etc.). 

  • Thank you video: Each donation receipt could include a special thank you message from the CEO/Director or a Program Recipient thanking  the donor for the gift.

  • Interesting Event Content: Link to content specifically related to your event in order to boost engagement. This might include a slideshow of pictures from previous events (Wondering what to wear or who you will see… click here), a winning recipe from a previous year food event, honoree information and, of course, parking instructions (or a link to a coupon for Lyft/Uber). 

  • Fundraising Toolkit:   For peer-to-peer events, the ticket and fundraiser emails are the PERFECT place to link a fundraising toolkit and steps a participant can take to maximize their fundraising effort.  

  • Non-profit Merchandise or Revenue Sharing Store:  Invite guests to purchase your merchandise or that of a partner store by including a link in ticket or receipt email.  

  • Provide volunteer opportunities:  In the email, you can highlight upcoming volunteer options and a link to the signup form.  

  • Create a social media connection:  Invite the guest or donor to follow you on a social media channel

  • Personal message: Consider including a personal message from the event or board chair. 


Truly, our creativity is the only limit and the central message is the following:  Your event emails can be the beginning  (not the end) of a series of clicks and directions that help you engage guests in your mission from the very first moment.    

Have you used Swell's new email editor yet?  Send us your story or ideas for leveraging emails.