Attracting a Corporate Sponsor for Giving Tuesday

Brooke Battle
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Brooke Battle

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There are several ways to activate and fuel gifts on Giving Tuesday - you’ve read about Unselfie social media posts and how to engage your network in peer fundraising.  We even have our Procrastinator’s Guide (because who really has time to start this project 6 months in advance).  


Giving Tuesday provides a unique opportunity to also engage a corporate sponsor - a Giving Tuesday partner.  How should you approach a corporate sponsor for Giving Tuesday?  


Why is Giving Tuesday compelling for a corporate sponsor? 

Giving Tuesday is an international day of giving with an unmatched online presence in the midst of the United States’ heaviest spending season.   (Remember, there is a reason the previous Friday is called ‘Black Friday.’). The media attention and goodwill surrounding Giving Tuesday is an excellent co-branding opportunity for a company.   


Matching Gifts Compel Giving

The corporate sponsorship of Giving Tuesday can be doubled by your efforts online.   Matching gifts create a sense of urgency for donors and a strong desire to help you attain the full match.  In this case, a company not only assists you with the gift but compels others at the same time. 


Focused Communication

Unlike an event sponsorship or an annual appeal, the sponsorship of Giving Tuesday can be focused on one main corporate sponsor.  This allows the nonprofit and its donors to truly elevate that partnership through social media, images and website names.  


National Exposure

The communication and media of Giving Tuesday is voluminous and difficult to break through.  Nonetheless, a corporate partner can authentically share it’s participation online and join in the international conversation around #givingtuesday.   


The next step is to organize your plans and collect them into a sponsorship letter. We have an example here.   It’s time to launch those conversations.

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