Be (s)WELL: 6 Steps to Remain Positive During Difficult Times

Savannah Lee
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Savannah Lee

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This global isolation is one of the most difficult times we’ve experienced as a society. Yet, remaining positive is important for your mental health and your fundraising. Quarantined at home, fundraising events in jeopardy, and an unpredictable future make it easy for negativity to creep in. Let’s push it back. Positivity in fundraising is important so let’s focus on the many positives in life that we can acknowledge and appreciate!

Power of Positive Thinking: Let’s kick-start positive thinking each morning by reciting the great encourager, Zig Ziglar, “I’m alive, I’m awake, and I feel great!” An exceptional method to get motivated!

Second, we ‘name’ or journal the things that we are most grateful for in life.

Want more? There are a multitude of activities to do during the day that will increase positive vibes!

Consider these six tips that you can incorporate into your day to facilitate positive thinking!

6 Tips to Surround Yourself with Positivity

  • Take a walk. Pick out a few times during the day to take a break. It is okay to step away from what you are doing for a short walk outside to breathe in the fresh air. Soaking up a little sunshine also causes you to release serotonin which is a complete MOOD BOOSTER!
  • Music: Create a positive music playlist. Sometimes it is helpful to blast the music for a few minutes and belt out your favorite lyrics. A song with the power to make us all smile is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.
  • Be an Expert: Become an expert at hobbies that excite you. A few suggestions:
    • Crack open one of your dusty cookbooks and challenge yourself with a new recipe. Take it one step further and engage in a recipe exchange with family and friends for a little social interaction.
    • Open up a new book, escape, and enjoy the adventure.
    • Learn a new language
    • Get in the garden and plant some brightly colored flowers or plant your favorite vegetables and fruits
    • Master a 1,000 piece puzzle
  • Insta-Smiles: Follow some furry friend accounts on Instagram. You are guaranteed to smile when you follow accounts with puppies or other cute animals you love. Follow @thebabyanimals for a variety of cute baby animals!
  • Sweat: Tackle a short, thirty-minute workout. It is always good to get your heart rate up and blood pumping. A brisk walk or bike ride can help increase feelings of optimism. If you aren’t big on working out, try a little self-care. Put on a moisturizing face mask, paint your nails, pour a glass of wine, or binge a Netflix series.
  • Virtual gatherings: Schedule a fun dinner or happy hour virtual meeting with friends. Make it even more interesting by giving the meeting a theme like crazy hat night. You could even make it a virtual mystery dinner  with a live game of Clue!

We hope these six tips help you find a way to stay positive during these trying times.


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