How Swell Improves Your Table Management for Event Fundraising

Brooke Battle
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Brooke Battle

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Would you like to spend less time organizing the table seating chart at your fundraising event?   What if your table hosts could automatically send tickets to their guests? 

We recognized this problem for event fundraisers and developed a table management feature that will save you time and provide an opportunity to raise more revenue. 

Software Works Best When It Mimics Our Natural Behavior

To assist in the management of your tabled event, Swell’s platform automates the steps that you and your guests were conducting in an offline manner. As a result, the table purchase process is more convenient for your table hosts and you gain better data collection, improved communication and higher engagement. How does this work?


Management: The nonprofit development director gets a clear report showing all of the tables purchased, the host, invitations issued and confirmed seats. When utilized by guests, it reduces the significant email communication between staff and guests regarding table assignments and guests. Anecdotally, we hear that our events enjoy higher attendance which Swell clients attribute to the online process that reduces miscommunication.

Communication: With clean data, the nonprofit is positioned to communicate clearly and automatically with guests.   All emails generated by Swell can be customized with virtual and in-person event information including parking, table number, table host and giving links.  

Donation Tracking by Table: The Swell system automatically maintains the table and individual fundraising totals.  After the event, one click to download the transaction report shows all gifts and ticket sales by table / table host.  

Clients are raving about this table solution and we just had to share the information in detail with you. A full demonstration of the software is a helpful time to answer detailed event questions and to ensure that it could be the right solution for you.


Your fundraising event is the most visible example of your organization’s culture and brand.