Fundraising Event and Online Giving Campaign: Why Do Both?

Brooke Battle
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Brooke Battle

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How Swell Transforms Your Fundraising Event into a Peer-to-Peer Event

As a Development Director, you likely spend your entire year focused on events and dollar signs. Just as soon as one event wraps up, you’re on to the next campaign. It can get exhausting and leaves you little time to steward your donors along the way. Swell’s software was created to take that pressure of constant fundraising off your backs. How?

At Swell, we encourage you to overlay your peer-to-peer campaign with your fundraising event. (Our software was created with this idea in mind!) You’ve probably seen this at a walk or a run, but have you ever thought about combining your ticketed event with a peer-to-peer platform? Take the work out of having both an online campaign and an event -- make them one! 

Here’s how Swell makes it easy for you to do both: 

  • Each guest AUTOMATICALLY gets their own personal fundraising page with ticket purchase.

We know that every single guest isn’t going to fundraise in addition to purchasing tickets, but more will than you think if you just put the right tools in their hands.

  • Guests are encouraged to share the event information on social media.

When guests share ticket and event information on their social channels, they are basically doing event marketing for you! They extend your mission to their networks which, in turn, leads to more donors and event attendees for you!


  • Swell creates competition so that guests are turned into fundraisers.

Using the leaderboards on the website, guests can track where they are in terms of social shares and donations brought in to the event. Use small incentives to drive competition so your guests are inspired to continually post and share the event.


  • The fundraising doesn’t stop at the door.

On most peer to peer platforms, the fundraising ends when the event starts.  With an event, you’ve either finished asking for money or you have one big “ask” moment.
With Swell’s projection app and mobile donation capability, you can keep the leaderboards up on the screen so that your guests are encouraged to continue fundraising while they’re still at the event. Your totals roll up on the screen to continue the competition, and you’re continuing to spread awareness of your event on social media by encouraging social sharing. Continue bringing in new donors while you party!


Now you’ve used the peer-to-peer giving techniques and reached online donors, WHILE you increased your ticketed event – and you did it all at once!

Think of how much time you’re saving yourself throughout the rest of the year to stop looking for those new donors and start stewarding them.

You will be so happy when online gifts and new donors connect to your cause through your event.  You're working hard already - feel SWELL knowing that your event registration process is doing double duty!