How a Social Media Wall Can Enhance Your Event Sponsorship Package

Maria Davis
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Maria Davis

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Nonprofits are always looking for new event ideas and creative event sponsorships.  As technology evolves, your event is open to many new, effective ways to integrate sponsorships.  In addition to specific event ideas, technology is expected.  Your guests expect that you have mobile giving and easy check-in, but your event sponsors will also be excited by new ways to highlight their support of your event with technology. Corporate brands want to be aligned with innovative nonprofits.

Adding a social media wall creates new opportunities for event sponsor recognition.

One easy way to highlight sponsors and add some pretty basic technology is a social media wall. (If you’re wondering whether or not a social wall is right for you, check out our other blog post here.)

4 Event Sponsor Benefits from a Social Wall

They will gain social followers (and you probably will, too).
At the event and online your sponsors will be highlighted more with the use of a social wall. Event sponsors can take advantage of the wall by tweeting/instagramming during the event so that their logos and social handles appear on the screen throughout the event. The result is twofold: more branding in the room, but also appearing philanthropic to their followers who aren’t at your event and seeing their tweets from afar. (It’s great for your nonprofit visibility, too.) You can add these stats into your event sponsorship packet

You can give them a new branding opportunity in your event hashtag.
For major donor recognition, include their name (if it’s short and makes sense) in the official event hashtag. Guests will be using it all night to tag their photos so they appear on the screen. And because you’ll want to include the hashtag on all of your promotional materials and on tables/signs around the room so that guests use the wall, the company name will literally be everywhere.

Their logo can remain the focal point of the screen.
If you’re using Swell Slides, you can customize the background images (i.e. what is shown behind the social media activity) to create backgrounds that have a sponsor logo so that it’s always on the screen. With Swell Slides you can also add in custom slides that appear dynamically between your social posts, allowing for even more logo usage and sponsor shoutouts.

You'll be able to report a larger online presence.
Your guests are going to want to see their pictures and tweets on the screen, so they’ll tweet and instagram more during the event. The result is a larger online presence so that whoever didn’t make it sees all of the social activity and gets the sense that they have to go next year, because it’s so fun. A social media wall creates that sense of FOMO for those who didn’t attend and will help drive attendence for the following year.

The more you delight your sponsors, the more likely they are to come back the following year. Offer them something more than just a table and their logo on the program and they’ll be excited that you’re trying something new.

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