It's June - Here's Your To-Do List for Fall Event Fundraising

Brooke Battle
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Brooke Battle

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Summer is just getting started, but in the event world we know what that means: Fall events are right around the corner. Even though they're still 4-6 months away, you Fall fundraising event starts now. Presumably, the date, time and location of your event are set and many of your sponsors are in place. Perhaps, even, the additional details like the event planner, caterer and other vendors that make your event hum are as well. Different than just a social event, however, a fundraising event has some additional steps on top of event logistics to you should start to focus in on.

The following is a checklist for the month of June to position your organization for its best fundraising event yet:  

  • Event Details:  Vendors, Venue and Event ‘theme’ should be selected.
    1. Organize your vendor file
    2. Create event responsibility chart
    3. Set deadlines and schedule any meetings needed to finalize menus, decor, lighting and entertainment  
    4. Evaluate venue technology (or get 3rd party support)
      1. AV equipment onsite (audio, screen, projector, internet connectivity)
      2. Determine needs and prepare to supplement if necessary   
  • Cultivate Event Committee: Determine who will help you bring people/donors to the event.
    1. Select social influencers in your market to recruit to your event committee
    2. Schedule a time with each prospect or engage an existing committee member to cultivate new person
    3. Schedule the event committee meetings leading up to the event
      Watch as we talk more about event committees here.
  • Communication
    1. Create or update Facebook event page
    2. Setup or update event website
    3. Setup ticket sales/table sales process
    4. Create fundraising toolkit for event committee
    5. Draft initial email invitations for previous year guests

As you plan the bones of the event, also be on the lookout for something new to try at this year's event. Where it's a social media wall (like Swell Slides) to amplify guest engagement, on-site giving to raise more money, etc., implementing new technology each year will help you streamline processes in the long-run. 

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