6 Event Concepts for Your Next Fundraiser

Savannah Lee
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Savannah Lee

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A lot has changed over the past few years. As COVID-19 spread, we moved away from offices and in-person galas. We learned how to garden,  how to bake bread and attended so many Zoom meetings!  Curbside pickup and delivery soared, QR codes made a comeback and nonprofits adopted technology; pivoting away from traditional galas toward virtual events.

It looks like we might finally be approaching “a new normal”. For the first time in three years, we’re starting to see more in-person than virtual events. Even introverts are ready to be out and about. 

However, none of us are the same people we were before COVID-19. Do we want to attend the same events we did before COVID? 

If you’re looking for a new idea or two for your annual event here are six concepts to get you started. Feel free to click around in these example sites to spark your creativity!

Looking for a social event that’s a little less stuffy? How about a Bar Crawl. A pub or bar crawl takes guests to sample beverages at several local establishments. They can be a good way to highlight local businesses and raise awareness for your organization. Just make sure you’re collecting donor information for later or you run the risk of throwing a party instead of a fundraiser.

In Alabama, where Swell got its start, football is king! An SEC Knockout Night capitalizes on the community enthusiasm by asking the question, “Auburn or Alabama?” Donors vote with their dollars.

Talent shows work similarly. Attendees vote for their favorites by donating to your cause.

Need something a little smaller? How about a Murder Mystery Dinner

Want to do something more active? Try a Pickleball Tournament! Pickleball is like racquetball, tennis, ping pong. and badminton all rolled into one. It’s taking the nation by storm!

can I bring my dogHow about hosting an event that lets people bring their dogs! Dogs and their humans are closer than ever with more people having attended and worked from home over the past few years. An event like this one lets them socialize together while raising funds for a good cause– yours!





Have questions or want to know more about a concept? Send us an email. Want to know more about Swell?  Visit our website .  Want to know if Swell is the right fit for your organization? Schedule a demo .

Here are those event concepts one more time:

Feel free to take a look and interact with them. If you see something you’d like to try, send us a quick email to let us know! We can help you get started on your new event today!