Online Giving is Not an Option

Hugh Perkins
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Hugh Perkins

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Let’s face it: We live in an online world, and not just with emails and research. Online is where we talk to our friends and coworkers, where we shop, get our grociers, book our appointments and so much more. In this age of convenience, it's no longer seen as forward-thinking or innovative for fundraisers to allow for online giving: it’s expected.

While the overall amount given to charities is increasing, the amount that is given online is growing at a much higher rate. According to the Blackbaud index, overall charitable giving in the United States was up 0.2 percent in April 2017 compared to the same time last year. Online giving during the same time was up 9.9 percent compared to April 2016. This has been a fairly constant—there has not been a single time in the past five years that the rate of growth of online giving has not been higher that the rate of growth of all giving.

What does this mean for charities, universities, and other organizations that might be holding fundraisers? The answer is simple: They must adapt to the modern world. Holding a fundraiser in this day and age without a platform that allows for easy online donations is leaving donations on the table. 

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That is the simple fact of the matter. The fundraising world is moving steadily towards a much more digitally-based system, and the organizations that are able to adjust to this changing world are the ones that will most succeed.