Four Tips to Help You Increase Online Donations from People Nervous about Technology

Hannah Morgan
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Hannah Morgan

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When you understand technology and love the convenience of it, it can sometimes be difficult to understand why someone is resistant to using it. It is not that these people are afraid of technology in general, but they can be resistant to certain things like donating online. There is something about typing those sixteen digits into the internet that can sometimes make a person uneasy.

This blog post will go over three simple tips you can use to help increase the level of comfort a person has donating through your website.

1) Email is Best

2) Be Simple

3) Show Them

4) Trustworthy Triggers


Email is Best

Email is the best way to communicate with those that are not tech savvy. Every person might not be on social media, but almost every person has an email that they check at least a few times a week if not daily.

When you send the email, write an email that is inviting to open. No cheesy subject line that will make the reader fearful that it is a scam. Once they have opened the email, make sure it is written in a clear way. Make sure the email states exactly what you want them to do -- donate.

The most important thing to include in your email if you want this type of person to donate is a direct link. Not just direct links to your website but the donation page as well. Adding these will help increase your donations because it makes it easy for them to get to where you want them to go.

Show Them

"Show me and I will remember" 

As mentioned in a previous article on Bridging the Technology gap, showing your board members and executive leadership how to use your online tools is an effective way to gain their buy-in and support for your digital work.    Of course, you cannot personally show every donor how to give online but consider a video of one of your board members making a gift online.  This demonstrates peer adoption and reinforces that they can do it too! 

Be Simple

Both in the email and on the donation page, be simple. Give them a direct road map of where you want them to go, and how you want them to get there. Have a straightforward call to action such as a button on your donation page or in your email that says "Donate Now."

There is no need for extra fluff inside the email or on the donation page. That will allow them to get lost easier and forget why they opened the email and clicked through to the donation page in the first place.

Keep your donation page simple.  Request only the information you need to properly process the gift.  Here is a fantastic guide to best practices for your donation page design from Top Nonprofits.     

Every Location Must Have Trustworthy Triggers

3 Tips to Help You Increase Online Donations from People Nervous About Technology

This last tip is the most important for increasing online donations from people who are nervous about technology. This tip will ease their nerves when it comes to the essential part, typing in those sixteen digits and donating.

Having trustworthy triggers is vital for any website but even more so when you are asking someone for their money. Whether it is in the logo, the URL, or a graphic on the side of the page. Every step of the direct map that you gave them to the donating page, starting with the email, should have trustworthy triggers.