Text to Donate Ideas for Year Round Fundraising

Brooke Battle
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Brooke Battle

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Mobile giving features like text-to-donate and text-to-pledge were driven, initially, by the event fundraising sector.   Eight years ago we launched text to donate for an event because it was a cocktail party and “no one would want to pull their checkbook out”.    Only a few of the guests knew what to do and the greatest benefit was that it impressed donors with our innovation.  It seems quaint today because no one EVER has a checkbook and event tech is everywhere.   

Nonetheless, the text to donate feature is still the go-to tool for an event and then it is shelved on all other days of the year.    However, donors are mobile and this feature can be used throughout the year. Here are ideas for nonprofits to use this handy tool every day.

  1. Restaurant Giveback Nights:   For your next giveback event at a local venue,  print the keyword and number on cards or table tents. (Print these so that you can use them many times.)  If you have an upcoming event, advertise the event and sell tickets via text.
  2. Print your text-to-donate information on your business cards. This way everyone you meet can easily donate anytime they see your card.
  3. Speaking engagements.  When your executive director/CEO speaks to a group, he/she/they can always be equipped with the text to donate information.   It can be announced at the end or included on presentation slides.
  4. Online campaigns. Are you crowdfunding for a project or hosting a peer to peer campaign?  Use the text to donate feature throughout the campaign. Give the information to all of your fundraisers, board members and anyone who is engaged with your campaign.   (For example, a supporter might host a small party at their home for your cause and they can always rely on the text to donate process to capture gifts for your organization. 
  5. Camp/program check-in.  If your organization hosts programs where people gather (i.e. camp, musical events, film etc), present the text to donate information prominently.  
  6. Programs.  If your organization has a program where donors intersect with your mission (schools, theatre, health), consider those times where it is appropriate to post the giving information.  

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In reality, most people give when asked so posting a text-to-donate process alone may not yield but (a) if you have the feature use it and (b) a gentle ask even at non-fundraising events may capture someone with a heart for the program. 

Naturally, if you need to draw more interest in giving it is easy to pair mobile giving features with a screen to show gifts in real time.  Screens are everywhere and this feature shouldn’t be confined to events either. 

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Finally, the text feature does not always need to be used for a donation.  Keywords can be used creatively to direct people to a program, your research, a sponsor coupon or purchasing a ticket to an event (especially useful if you have long lines).

The main thing that I want to convey is that text to donate is a feature that nonprofits can add to their toolbox and use regularly.  

It’s just one way to make giving easier.