10 Unique Ways to Thank Your Fundraising Event Sponsors

Brooke Battle
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Brooke Battle

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Fundraising events and sponsors typically go hand-in-hand. For many nonprofits, fundraising events serve as an opportunity to attract additional revenue from local companies (i.e. corporate sponsors).   However, most event sponsorships come with the SAME benefits — complimentary tickets and logo placement.   These benefits are usually outlined in an event sponsorship package.  

What is an Event Sponsorship Package? 

Event sponsorship packages are usually a 5-6 page document with strong graphic design elements that accomplish the following:  (1) Describes the event, (2) Outlines the mission and impact, (3) Lists the Board of Directors, Event Committee and Event Chairs, (4) Presents the giving levels and benefits for each level, (5) Provides a response form or link for commitment.  

You want to be different.  Funds are limited and if your request looks like everyone else's, your cause may get overlooked.  One way to differentiate yourself is in HOW you thank your donors and the list of sponsorship levels with benefits.

Why Is It Important to Thank Your Event Sponsors? 

Your mission matters.  We know.  As a nonprofit professional, we often view companies as resource-rich organizations who should use their ample cash balances to support the community.   How can they say no to our work?     Corporate sponsors have to meet different needs with their funds and, ultimately, all expenses of a company need to benefit the company or people at that company.   This includes the following:  (1) Creating a superb event experience for their employees or guests, (2) Elevating the company brand, (3) Acquiring or cultivating their customer base, (4) Utilizing shared content to showcase the company's good work to their customers , (5) Highlighting or honoring company leadership.   In essence, you are not just thanking your sponsors. You are mutually elevating your organizations. 

Additionally, behind every corporate sponsor there is a person in charge of handling the corporate side of that event sponsorship.   A nonprofit's ability to manage the details of an event sponsorship ensures that the point of contact is pleased.  You can also thank your event sponsor by managing the process well. 

How can you set yourself and your event sponsorship package apart from the rest? More importantly, how can you provide an opportunity to thank your corporate sponsors so that they support you year after year?

Here are 10 ideas to creatively thank your event sponsors. 


Ten Tips to Thank Your Event Sponsors

(and offer the best event sponsorship package):


1. Recognize the event sponsor's length of support.

While it's great to honor your first year supporters, it is also a great idea to thank your sponsor for duration of their sponsorship.   Specifically, you can list sponsors (in a program, on the screen and on your event website) in order of gift level but also create a ‘badge’ or notation to designate an event sponsor's years of support. Consider placing a special gift or dessert at the corporate sponsor tables based on longevity of their support. 

2. Share your event guest list with a sponsor.

Does your event sponsor have a special offer for your guests? Something that could drive your event guests to their business? Use your email list strategically by offering a few sponsors the opportunity to be included in a special email with offers or a product highlight from the sponsor. Schedule the email to be sent to event guests during the event about the time that you are thanking sponsors.

3. Make your thank you last with photo props.

Incorporate your event sponsors into your photo booth. Here are a few locations their logo can be used: (1) Backdrop, (2) Signs held by guests, (3) Instagram hashtag using sponsor name, (4) Products or recognizable objects from the sponsor. 

4. Design the event ticket to thank your sponsors.

Use your ticket to showcase sponsors by including sponsor logos on the ticket or a special coupon on the back. You could also segment your guest list by separating out guests on corporate sponsor tickets and sending an email that more specifically addresses them. Thank them for attending, acknowledge the gift of their company, your appreciation of their attendance and the community impact.

5. Highlight your sponsors in photos and on social media.

Ensure that the photographer takes a nice picture of the corporate sponsor guests and then hand deliver the printed photograph to the event sponsor's office.   Additionally, in the weeks leading up to the event, visit locations of your corporate sponsors, snap a picture and post to social media. One of our clients visited the bank branch locations of the lead sponsor in the month leading up to their event with a basket of baked goods for the employees. The Facebook pictures (tagging the bank) each week were priceless!

6. Consider sponsorship placement on your event website.

Do you place your event sponsor logos on one page of your website but send your guests to another location to purchase tickets? Your guests and donors should see your sponsor logos everywhere. Thank your sponsors by making sure their logo is on every page of your site, the ticket purchase page, donation page, venue information page, honoree bios and anywhere else you can think of. When the event is over, provide analytical data to your sponsors about the traffic to those pages so they can clearly see the ROI of their sponsorship.

7. Thank your sponsors in your social media cover images.

Create banner/cover images for all of your social media accounts  (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) for your event and include sponsor logos in them. Bonus: Get your board and event committee to change the cover images on their Facebook and Twitter pages in the weeks leading up to the event also.


8. Thank your event sponsors by giving them screen time.

Do you have a slide show or other presentation you'll be showing on a big screen at your event? Almost every event uses a large screen to display a few slides (including sponsor logos) and a video about the cause. Offer your lead sponsor the opportunity to show it’s own brief video or provide them a chance to speak about why they support your cause in this presentation. Highlight a sponsor hashtag and encourage your sponsors to engage with event guests during the party.  

9. Network with your sponsors online ALL year long.

Don't forget about your sponsors once your event is over. Follow them on social media and share their good news throughout the year. Continually shine a light on their ongoing work. Building a solid relationship with them throughout the year will make your ask that much easier when your event rolls around next year.

10. Add the Presenting Sponsor into your event webpage label.

What is a webpage label?  The webpage label is the text or headline that is used to describe a page when it is shared.   By adding the event sponsor to the webpage label, each time the event webpages are shared online it will say ‘Event Name Presented by Sponsor’. If you can create a lot of sharing with your event, this additional exposure is exceptional.


Corporate sponsorships are just relationships that need to be cultivated like any other.  Ultimately, nonprofits that manage the process well, produce an excellent event and properly follow up post-event will enjoy continued success.     Adding creativity to your event sponsorship package helps you tell your story and demonstrates your innovation in other aspects of your work.     




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